School Counseling

Meet our school counselors, school psychologist, and social worker and learn about our school counseling program

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Our School Counselors:  Alyssa Teitsma, Emily Habermeyer, and Alex Hunter

London Towne School Counselors

As elementary school counselors, our primary objective is to assist students in reaching their potential to become effective learners. Our goal is to complement the learning environment in the classroom by using a child-centered, preventative, and developmental approach.

Counseling will be conducted with students individually and in small groups, when requested by parents and teachers and determined appropriate. This service is short-term, voluntary, and confidential. Parent notification is given to any extended individual or group counseling. There will also be monthly classroom guidance lessons focusing on student success.

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Emily Habermeyer | 703-227-5411 

Alex Hunter | 703-227-5224 

Alyssa Teitsma | 703-227-5425 

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    School Psychology Services

    School psychologists are mental health specialists with knowledge of child development, the psychology of learning, behavior management and intervention, monitoring the progress of students, and program evaluation. School psychologists apply this knowledge using a problem-solving approach to help bring about positive changes in the learning environment, attitude, and motivation. Services offered by the school psychologist may be provided directly to the student or indirectly by working with teachers, parents, and other care givers; however, all services provided by the school psychologist are intended to enhance the academic and social emotional success of students. Minimum requirements to be a school psychologist include a 60-hour master's degree program and a one-year full-time internship; many FCPS school psychologists hold doctoral degrees.

    Social Work and Support Services

    School social workers focus on family and community factors that influence learning. They provide intensive services for students facing issues that pose risks to their academic success such as parent divorce and separation, poverty, truancy, chronic illness, mental health problems, conduct problems, child abuse, etc.

    All FCPS social workers hold a Master of Social Work (MSW) or Master of Social Science (MSS) degree; many have earned a Doctorate of Social Work (DSW) degree. All school social workers are licensed by the Virginia Department of Education. The majority of the staff is clinically licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Social Work (LCSW) or in other jurisdictions and trained to provide mental health services in any setting.

    social worker and psychologist
    Our School Social Worker, Mercedes Tikoyan, and School Psychologist, Muna Yusuf


    Our School Social Worker

    Mercedes Tikoyan | 703-227-5429 


    Our School Psychologist

    Muna Yusuf | 703-227-5458 

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