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Our Vision

  • Building tomorrow by inspiring thinkers and learners today. THAT'S HOW WE ROAR!

Our Mission 

  • We exist at London Towne to maximize student potential. The total school community will contribute to the academic, social, physical, and emotional growth of each child, guiding them to become a well-rounded life-long learner. We are confident that with our support and help, students will master challenging academic material. We are prepared to work collaboratively to achieve this shared educational experience.

London Towne Elementary Core Commitments

  • Collaboration - We will effectively work together through CLTs, professional development opportunities, team planning, and other forms of collaborative work within the school and community to reach common goals in order for all students to succeed.
  • Family - As a London Towne family, we will build on our strengths while caring for and respecting each other to sustain our positive culture.
  • A Culture of Learning - We will commit to continuous professional develpment, striving to enhance our techniquest in order to foster an engaging, rigorous, and authentic learning environment for all students.
  • Love for Children/Making a Difference - We will approach each day with a positive disposition, putting forth our BEST effort to care for, nuture, and respect all London Towne children.
  • Safe and Respectful Environment - We will ensure a safe and respectful environment by focusing on the social, emotional, and cognitive development of all learners by applying Responsive Classroom techniques and consistently upholding our London Towne expectations.
  • High Expectations for All - We will maintain high expectations by building on existing strengths, creating goals, reflecting, and providing consistent feedback so every child and adult reaches his/her potential.

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