London Towne Global Classroom Program

During the 2017-18 school year, London Towne participated in the pilot Global Classroom program that FCPS implemented in 8 schools.  Our 5th graders collaborated with 5th graders at our partner school in Costa Rica to solve an authentic science-related problem. London Towne students conducted an environmental assessment of our school in STEAM class, determining that we needed some fresh ideas for our recycling program.  Costa Rican 5th graders presented us with an environmental problem they observed, polluted oceans. Small groups at each school researched and brainstormed solutions to their partner school’s problem. They proposed solutions to each other via Skype at the end of the school year and provided each other feedback.

This school year, FCPS has expanded Global Classroom to 18 schools and London Towne is excited to expand our program to involve 3rd and 5th graders with two partner schools, Instituto Psicopedagogia Integral y Colegio Isaac Martin in San Jose, Costa Rica again, as well as Academia del Perpetuo Socorro in San Juan, Puerto Rico.   We will use the project based learning model to solve an authentic problem in our partner country, while our peers at our partner schools propose solutions to a science-related issue at London Towne.  Our 3rd and 5th graders will increase their cultural responsiveness by learning about their partner country’s culture as well as form a relationship with their long-distance peers. The students will focus on  two specific Portrait of a Graduate attributes: Communicator and Collaborator.

2017-18 Global Classroom Final Presentation


2017-18 Global Classroom Highlights

Global Classroom Team Members