Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual Winter Break Countdown Spirit Week

By Rachel Lanier
December 17, 2021

To countdown to winter break, we celebrated with a spirit week focused on the attributes of Goal-Directed and Resilient Individuals, one of our Portrait of a Graduate traits.  Check out our outfits from these fun days: 

  • Merry Monday:  Put on your thinking cap or festive hat and never give up when things get hard!
  • Teamwork Tuesday:  Learn from your mistakes, lean on your team, and keep trying!
  • Wacky Wednesday:  Wear a wacky hairstyle or mismatched outfit and compliment others to connect with kindness! 
  • Take Care Thursday:  Work to take care of your body and wear your favorite workout clothes so you can exercise!
  • Festive Friday:  Get ready to celebrate winter break by wearing your favorite winter-themed clothing or school appropriate pajamas!

Click on the thumbnail to see the full image. Enjoy!