1st Grade Team

photo of 1st grade team
Our 1st Grade Team:  Ms. Arbuckle, Ms. DeOcampo, Ms. Clay, Sra. Calvache Vu, Ms. Abedy


Dear Families,

Welcome to first grade! This is an exciting time during which children will continue to develop socially, emotionally, and academically. We will be learning to be active listeners and purposeful speakers.  In addition, we will grow as collaborators who learn that engaging in learning together helps us all thrive. In first grade, we will become global citizens who celebrate our diversity and work as empathetic, responsible friends to make our world a better place. Our hope is for your children to become creative and critical thinkers.

This year, we will continue on our journey as life-long readers as we learn to think and talk about books. As writers, we will bravely try-out different writing styles and share our writing with others. As mathematicians, we will develop a strong understanding of numbers and learn how math is all around us as we learn to tell time, count money, measure, and so much more! As scientists, we will explore the exciting world around us as we investigate plants, animals, weather, and our environment. As historians, we will learn how to be good citizens, geographers, and reflect on inspiring people.

We are looking forward to working together with you to best support your child, as we begin this exciting journey.


The First Grade Team


Our 1st Grade Team